Nails Treatment


Express Mini Manicure


Includes file, buff & polish.

Spa Manicure


Includes relaxing hand massage, revitalising scrub, filing, buffing, cuticle removing.

Deluxe Manicure with Mud/Paraffin Mask


Includes everything as above but bit more luxury to have a Paraffin wax/Mud mask. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished. The best treatment for dry skin.


Express Mini Pedicure


Includes file, buff & polish.

Spa Pedicure


includes filling, buffing, soaking your feet, cuticle removing, rejuvenating foot scrub, relaxing massage, scraping and smoothing the sole of your feet

Callus Peel Treatment


Note : Callus Peel Treatment is not suitable for clients that are pregnant, with diabetes or psoriasis.

french Polish £5 extra

Shellac/OPI/ Gelish Gel Polish

Shellac/OPI/Gelish Gel polish


includes file, buff & polish

Shellac/OPI/Gel Polish Spa Manicure


Shellac/OPI/Gel Polish Spa Pedicure


Shellac/OPI/Gel Polish Removal


French Polish £5 extra